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33rd StartupPOP: Tech Startup Pitch and Networking Event, Oct 24

33rd StartupPOP: Tech Startup Pitch and Networking Event, Oct 24

StartupPOP will be running it’s 33rd tech startup pitch event with networking in the last 4 years on October 24th, 2019 at 6pm at Cendyn Spaces. We have had over 300 startups pitch at our events since 2014!

If you have a tech startup or are interested in the startup community in Boca Raton, this is a special local event you should consider attending! If you attend for the first time, you will see 5 tech startups get up and pitch their businesses!

Welcome to StartupPOP’s 33rd Tech Startup Pitch Event with Networking.

If you are interested in DEMO’ing your tech or getting a table to give out literature about your services during the event, sign up below. It is going to be $199 for a full table and $299 for a pitch company/sponsorship table package.

WHO: Investors, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Tech Community, Angel Investors, Tech Mentors, Venture Capital EXECs, MGRs, SPONSORS (see below).

WHAT: A Tech Startup Pitch Event. There will be an expert/investors panel. Our intention is to assist local tech start-ups to pitch their tech product or service. A tech start-up can be looking for a variety of things like seed capital, tech partners, business partners, advisors, mentors or business leads. Attendees are welcome to stay and network after-words. We are going to have several speakers to be announced prior to the pitch event.

WHEN: October 24th (Thursday), 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

WHERE: Cendyn Spaces, 980 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432



Attendee – FREE – RSVP here on Eventbrite, on Meetup or on StartupPOP.com. StartupPOP.com

Attendee – Give To The Dan Marino Foundation (danmarinofoundation.org) – $25.

$149 – Pitch Company (Please contact us in advance to see if you can pitch at [email protected])

$35 – Sponsorship – Digital Shout Out

$99 – Sponsorship – Digital Package

$199 – For a full demo/sponsor table.

$299 – Pitch Company – Sponsor Package

INCLUDES: Soft Drinks and Light Snacks.

PARKING: No cost.

THE FORMAT: 5 local tech start-ups will be given up to 3 minutes (up to 4-page pitch deck) to pitch their concept or product/service. There is networking before and after the event. Pitching companies can provide a short, no more than 4 pages of powerpoint or PDFs, which we will display on a screen. There will be a panel of successful entrepreneurs and investors who will be at the event. This panel will have a few moments to ask a few questions following each pitch.

PITCH DECK REQUIREMENT: We need to review either your pitch deck or executive summary to be chosen to pitch. We are requiring participants to fill out a 1 to 4-page mini pitch deck. This mini pitch deck will be used for both pitching and for interested investors. This is required! Our limit is 4 pages! Remember this is a 3-minute pitch. The pitch deck must be landscape and a PDF file. You can go to this link here to review an example pitch deck. If you are interested in Pitching you can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] Please send us at least name of the company, what you are pitching, and preferably your mini pitch deck. Please give us a couple of days to respond if you are interested in pitching.

Pitch Guidance: The start-up companies pitching have up to 3 minutes to answer 5 common questions about their business:

What is their product/service?
What is their business model?
Size of the Market they serve?
How do they get to market or get traction?
What are they here looking for? Capital, Partners, Advisers, etc..

PANEL MEMBERS: We typically have a mix of investors, and startup experts sit on our panel. Each event may have a different set of experts. Potential Advisers, Mentors and Audience members will be asked to approach start-ups of interest after the event. We will list the companies which will pitch as we approach the pitch date.

Here is a list of some of the companies which participated in the past 20 tech start-up pitch events: (Hard to believe that many companies have pitched!) Abelian.io, adFroogle, Aerobyte, ActivePark, Allevion, Apparition Mobile, Apollonix, Apretaste, Avila Stores, Aqua TV, ArrestSOS, BCD Software, beTen, BGNY.io, BitChase, BYL Network, caddyDRONE, Capture.It, Caribu.co, CONDUU, Counsel On The Go, CuratorLive, DealCoachPro, DL Alert Pro, Donkies.co, EastOutWith.me, eCalypse, Edamoli, Elemental Dynamics EmergentHealthcare, EvictionsPro, Everyware, Floravina, Frelp, Friendly Reminders, GameMerce, Game Masters Solutions, Gatha, Gift Squirrel, Glince, Global Boat Works, GPS for Piano, Go Grab, HeadyFoods, Greet, Gyfu, HealthGigJobs, Hello Show, iGoTrackr, iLumenfi, InheritPlan, Instabitts, InteractionsIQ, Jeditronix, Jinglz, Kanyu, Know My Town, Lending Sutra, Liquidbricks, LunchMoney, MedBeam, Mission Tuition, MBOpp, MobiDox, My Body Hormone, Mrecruit, MyLoop, Neuromore, Nomads, @NOW, nXus, OnePlan, OWLmo, Parkarr, Pickk, Pragras, Previte, Privsee, Prom.ly, Prototype, Puppy Play Dates, Quantom Enterprises, Referrizer, Rentlit, Revolve, Roizo, Shmoozfest, Seyopa, Sierra Lifestyle, Inc., Simplifyed & VerityIQ, SKY H2O, Smitz Laboratories Corp, Slurpits Living Biofilter, SociallyBuzz, Squeeze, Stand4, STAX, Sygnol Analytics, Take It National, Take Up Code, TapNSell, Techmovr, TGL Film, The Go App, The Animal Social Network, Tinker University, TightTalk Electronics, ToneLive, Tonomos, Trithereum, TruVisibility, Tudor Ice Company, uRemix, UseMyBenefits.com, Vivarena, Young Makers Lab, Wave Theory, Well Done Wood, Wherhab, Who Ya Got, Wiki Beach Real Estate, Worthy, Yuvie, Zeekah and others.

If you are a SERVICE BUSINESS like a BIG WEB AGENCY, A LAW FIRM, A STARTUP CONSULTANT, ACCOUNTING, an INSURANCE PROVIDER, BROKER/DEALER or just LOVE THIS EVENT and want to support us fully and get the chance to have a booth/table or stand up and give an overview of your services, you can buy small to large SPONSORSHIPS. To get a full table will cost $199 or for the pitch company/ full table combo package it will cost $299! Larger sponsorships are available. All the participants involved in StartupPOP are for-profit businesses. While we are a for-profit businesses, we are still a group dedicated to enabling tech start-ups to get mentoring, guidance and capital (if necessary) they need in order get start started and get to revenue. So sponsoring is a way to give back to the community and help us grow the economy! Sponsors will get great exposure to the tech startup community and will be mentioned often in person, in emails and online! We can offer you a table, banner ad and let you get up and pitch your service or offering. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about sponsoring StartupPOP events! Thank you for caring about the Startup Community!

Cendyn Spaces is a great coworking space in Boca Raton. Please contact [email protected] for more info or go to CendynSpaces.com.

Check out my books “GO SEO YOURSELF”, “NAMES” and “PITCH” available for sale both online and at the event! Click here if you want to buy any of these books on Amazon.

Laura Ribeiro of The QuBE Confirmed for ITPalooza, Dec 5

Laura Ribeiro of The QuBE Confirmed for ITPalooza, Dec 5

About Laura Ribeiro

Laura is the CEO and Co-Founder at The QuBE. She works on information security, bringing truly secure communication, scalable architecture and efficient solving of complex tasks on decentralized quantum networks protocols. She combines broad commercial acumen with a background in economics, quantum market research and investment management for over 15 years. She delivers powerful messages covering topics on innovation and leadership. She is a leader in investment ventures, specializing in identifying the commercial potential of emerging products, developing strategies to bring them to market through the strategic development of applications.

She has served in leadership roles at Australia’s largest corporates including small to medium-sized firms, leading research, development and investment initiatives. She writes for Henry Stewart Publications in the UK, with topics on Investment Management: Competing in a Data-Driven world and High Profile Data Breaches: Designing the right data architecture based on the law, ethics, and trust. As businesses continue to respond to digital disruption, the ability to spearhead innovation has become the key to her success.


Laura Ribeiro of The QuBE Confirmed for ITPalooza

TechLauderdale presents: Starting Point, an event for Startups and Entrepreneurs, Sep 24

TechLauderdale presents: Starting Point, an event for Startups and Entrepreneurs, Sep 24


Here’s the point…5 startup founders in the audience are chosen at random to get 5 minutes to pitch. No PowerPOINT, no Slides, all Passion! Share your startup story among fellow Startup founders and potential backers and customers. And, receive feedback from your peers.


5:00 pm Networking
6:30 pm “Pointless Pitchfest”


Broward County Library
100 S. Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301



Fall 2019 Agile Class Program with Anjali Leon

Fall 2019 Agile Class Program with Anjali Leon

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack Welch

This fall I am excited to open public offerings of my most popular experiential, practical and competency building workshops so YOUR organization can enjoy that competitive advantage. The curated topics have been hand-picked to be most impactful and relevant to the #futureofwork. Look no further if you want to boost your organization’s ability to deliver on your strategic objectives and outcomes.

I hope you will consider these classes for yourself and your teams. Please help me get the word out and pass this information along to anyone who may derive value from these classes.

All classes include a workbook, a certificate of completion and PMI and Scrum Alliance Education Units.

Fall 2019 Program:

Professional Scrum with Kanban :  Sept 24 & 25, 2019, in Delray Beach, FL 
(SPCLIENT_100OFF for $100.00 off)
This 2-Day certification class is offered with Agile Metrics Guru, and Author of Actionable Agile, Dan Vacanti.  This is a certification class from Scrum.org.
Agile Value Driven and Adaptive Planning: Oct 17 & 18, 2019, in Delray Beach, FL
(SPCLIENT_20PCTOFF for 20% off)
This is a 2-Day class on Agile Product Management.  This is ideal for Product Managers, Product Owners, Directors who want to use a value-driven and adaptive approach to product strategy and management.
Agile Backlog Management for Value Delivery : Oct 28 & 29, 2019, in Delray Beach, FL
(SPCLIENT_20PCTOFF for 20% off)
This 2-Day class is ideal for Product Owners and Agile Business Analysts and takes you through an inept experiential journey to the tactical side of Product Ownership.
Foundations of Effective Facilitation: Nov 15, 2019, in Boca Raton, FL
(SPCLIENT_20PCTOFF for 20% off)
Make boring and ineffective meetings and Agile ceremonies a thing of the past.  Ideal for Scrum Masters, Managers, and Coaches.  Presented with communications expert Kery Knutson.
Citrix Turns 30, Hear From 3 Decades of Citrix CEO’s – Nov 5

Citrix Turns 30, Hear From 3 Decades of Citrix CEO’s – Nov 5

CITRIX TURNS 30! – Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of CITRIX Systems.

Hear from 3 decades of the Citrix CEO’s and how they shaped Tech in South Florida and globally.

Chris Fleck will host with Roger Roberts, Mark Templeton, and David Henshall.


5:00pm — Registration
5:30pm – 6:30pm — Networking & Reception
6:30pm – 7:30pm — Panel Program
7:30pm – 8:00pm — Q & A