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Outplacement Services

SherlockTalent can help your employees find work following a layoff or job loss.

Outplacement services for companies considering layoffs

Contact us if you are laying off staff as a consequence of a merger or acquisition. Tel: 305-651-6500

When an organization makes the tough economic decision to lay off employees, any assistance the company can provide its employees is appreciated. 

Rapidly becoming a standard component of severance packages, the service is intended to help employees find work following a layoff or job loss.

Employers can use this service effectively to help employees bridge the gap between unemployment and a new job. The key is to utilize a firm that provides effective services for former employees.


Outplacement is the support service provided by responsible organizations, keen to support individuals who are exiting the business (voluntarily or involuntarily) – to help former employees transition to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market. A consultancy firm usually provides the outplacement services which are paid for by the former employer and are achieved usually through practical advice, training materials and workshops. Some companies may offer psychological support.

Outplacement is either delivered through individual one-on-one sessions or in a group format. Topics include career guidance, career evaluation, job search skills, targeting the job market, resume writing, interview preparation, developing networks, and negotiation.

Consultants support individuals seeking a new job, and also those looking to start a new business, retire, or structure a portfolio of activities. Programs have time limits, ranging from a few months to more extended periods, such as 12 months and are offered at all levels of the organization, from workers to corporate employees.

Outplacement provides former employees structure and guidance towards their new career option, and preserves the morale of those who remain in the Company who see that colleagues are given the necessary support when they leave the company.