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We are deeply embedded in the Technology and Marketing community

Our involvement in the creation, leadership and support of multiple user groups brings us face to- face with more than 20,000 professionals each year in South Florida.

Deep Knowledge of Industry Talent

In determining a suitable candidate, we understand your hiring requirements as well as your company culture. For nearly 20 years, SherlockTalent has been navigating the large South Florida job market and learning exactly what qualities to look for when finding the best employees. When you send us your job order, we review every detail to make sure all your requirements will be met. We do not believe in generalizing a position based on their title- every company has unique operations that require specific skills and we take our time to verify that our candidates are exactly what you need.

Weekly Newsletter, over 1 million impressions

We publish 52 in-depth Newsletters to over 20,000 South Florida professionals each year (that’s over 1 million emails) containing up-coming events, industry news and job opportunities. This exposure establishes SherlockTalent as the hub for South Florida IT and marketing talent.

Interactive Marketing Division

In addition to our technology staffing activities, SherlockTalent has opened a marketing division to cater to the growing industry demand for this field. Search engine marketing, social media, Ecommerce, Email marketing and several other fields are now part of Sherlock’s recruiting spectrum. Interactive Marketing is the answer to the business world’s growing dependency on technology, so we hope to give our clients the best of both worlds. Whether you are expanding your efforts or looking to establish your online presence, Sherlock will find you someone who will help you reach your goals.

Company, Culture, Content

Whether you need to blast out the code for a short lived marketing app, or develop long-term logistical applications, SherlockTalent matches the right type of candidate for your specific needs. We not only verify skill requirements- we try and make sure each candidate we send has the right persona and work ethic for our clients. This approach ensures happy candidates and happy hiring managers resulting in better staff retention.

Over 100,000 Passive Candidates

Our proprietary database, built one resume at a time, originally started in the early 1990’s at IBM’s PC division in Boca Raton, established the basis for our unique access to thousands of candidates. We can identify talent from a focused group of experienced professionals.