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The success or failure of our region’s growing economy depends on growing our supply of Tech talent. Learn the only truly sustainable solution to fulfilling the demand in our tech labor market.

Presenter: Alex Funkhouser – SherlockTalent (Managing Director)

About Alex Funkhouser:
Inspired by 20 years of tech recruiting in South Florida with SherlockTalent, Alex Funkhouser founded GetMyInterns.org -> the talent pipeline filling Internship Placement platform designed to grow our region’s technology labor supply. Miami.GetMyInterns.org, Broward.GetMyInterns.org and other …  Read More
About Johanna Mikkola:
Johanna Mikkola is the CEO and Co-founder of Wyncode Academy a leading technical school dedicated to training top technology talent through best-in-class accelerated and immersive programs. With various courses in web development, UX/UI product design and digital marketing, Wyncode’s innovative cu…  Read More
About Michael Higgs:
Michael C. Higgs is a 27-year IT industry veteran. He has held roles in Management, Engineering, Project Management, Business Development, Training, Consulting, and of course, Technical Support. He graduated college with a Political Science & Government degree, however, while in DC, he found his…  Read More
About Stephanie Sylvestre:
Stephanie Sylvestre has the privilege of leading an incredible team of high performers who are skilled in bringing The Trust’s vision to life….  Read More