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Join me, Alex Funkhouser on Friday, February 9 · 12 – 1pm EST, as we take a deep dive into the intricacies of technical communication challenges that often elude even the most seasoned professionals.

Welcome to CRACK THE CODE: Technical Communication Challenges – Employ Your Humanity!

What you will takeaway from the session:

Identify & Eliminate – Takeaway #1

Learn how to identify and eliminate obstacles before they control you and weaken your communication and presentations.

Connect To Your Audience – Takeaway #2

Learn experiential communication techniques: Learn fail-proof strategies to tailor your communication to diverse audiences, whether addressing fellow experts or conveying technical information to non-specialists.

What’s Your “Special Sauce”? – Takeaway #3

Harness the power of interpersonal communication to enhance the impact of your technical messages, making complex information more accessible and memorable by employing your humanity.

Connect Any Data To Any Audience – Takeaway #4

Many believe communicating highly complex, technical, or analytical information is an industry-specific skill set. It’s not. Regardless of your industry, there’s a common reason why your audience will, or will not, care about your message.

About The Facilitator:

Anthony Vincent Bova is a non-traditional communications specialist who addresses the most challenging communication obstacles, provides solutions, and turns communication challenges into opportunities for success.

He is a recognized expert in “blueprinting” his clients’ communication process and, in real-time, facilitates a personalized solution that is tailored to instantly address and gradually eliminate their specific communication blocks and challenges.

Typically, his clients are in STEM, Sales, Management, and C-Suite that need to communicate highly technical, analytical or complex information to a broad audience.

His impact has been universal, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to entrepreneurs who have greatly benefitted from Anthony’s approach. After working with Anthony, his clients are more trusted, their relationships strengthened, and they are viewed with a higher level of credibility and confidence — but, more importantly, they are able to communicate their message with a higher level of influence and impact.

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