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If you can answer YES to five of the six questions below, you may be qualified for this position:

  1. Do you like yachting?
  2. Do you like flying?
  3. Do you like visiting Puerto Rico for a few days each month? 
  4. Do you live in or near Broward County, Florida? 
  5. Do you speak Spanish?
  6. Are you an experienced Microsoft shop IT support professional with Network and Systems Administration experience?

If you don’t like yachting, that’s okay.  But the other five questions need the answer of YES.

As an IT Support professional, your duties are to support business users on desktop and mobile and keep IT networks and systems working properly in the Fort Lauderdale HQ and the Puerto Rico office.

You’ll need experience with many things Microsoft-related, including Azure, Active Directory, O365, PowerShell, PowerScript, Ubiquity Switches, and the like.  

We’re looking for a high-energy individual with an attitude of productivity. 

Expect one week per month in Puerto Rico, the flight attendants on American Airlines (or Spirit if you prefer) will become your regularly visited friends. 

Ready for action?  Apply now.

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