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LeanAgileUS conference in Fort Lauderdale on February 27

The next big Agile conference in South Florida is here! Lean Agile US will be in Signature Grand on February 27-28. The South Florida Agile Association presents the Agile Journey track. And as a friend of SFAA, we are happy to share with you a 20% discount off when you register:

www.LeanAgileUS.com – Discount code ULTISFAA

An unmatched who’s who of world-class speakers:

Visiting from Europe, we have globally renowned speakers:  Klaus Leopold is an author and respected consultant in Kanban.  Troy Magennis is a thought leader in agile metrics and the emerging trend of probabilistic forecasting. Karl Scotland advises major enterprises on learning organizations in the process of transforming to ‘lean agility’.

Then we have US based thought leaders that are world renowned:  Dan Vaccanti is an author and a thought leader in lean metrics and probabilistic forecasting.  More on metrics with the amazing Larry Maccherone, a data scientist and agile consultant who has helped many organizations understand a healthier view of agile measurement.   Yuval Yeret, a prolific agile blogger, and consultant on SAFe and agile.  Mark Kilby, an agile coach, and mentor that is advancing agile for distributed teams.  Peter Borsella, who is our local CST and brings us the upcoming trend on Scrum for Hardware.  And the list goes on.

You cannot get to see such a lineup, unless you travel to major global conferences.  This conference brings it all to you, right in our own backyard.  In sunny South Florida in February.  Register now at:  www.LeanAgileUS.com, discount code ULTISFAA