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With ITPalooza just over 5 weeks away and Early Bird rates on sponsorship packages expiring October 31 (this Saturday), now would be a good time to get your company involved at ITPalooza.

Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit.

  1. Increase sales!
  2. Reach qualified buyers!
  3. Gain direct face-to-face contact with business owners and C-level decision-makers.
  4. Reach a captive audience and generate NEW CUSTOMERS.
  5. Capture hundreds of leads.
  6. Introduce your company to great new prospects.
  7. Introduce new products and services.
  8. Reach a very large prospect pool in a short time!
  9. Brand your business.
  10. Give live product and service demonstrations.
  11. Conduct market research.


If recruiting is more your thing, then you should consider the ITPalooza Hiring Fair.

ITPalooza Hiring Fair

The 2015 ITPalooza Hiring Fair is a phenomenal opportunity to recruit and screen tech candidates for your company. With 2,000 tech professionals descending upon the ITPalooza event, why spend all kinds of money and time searching while pulling your hair out? Just participate in the ITPalooza Hiring Fair and be productive while you save money!

What’s In It For You?

Short answer – your next phenomenal hire

Longer answer – with over 2,000 attendees, your chances are high on meeting a good fit for your open positions. And the more this event grows, the greater the number of tech attendees. You will also be listed on the ITPalooza web site as a Silver Sponsor with a link to your company site.

What Do We Want From You?

Short answer – your presence at the Hiring Fair

Longer answer – we want to fill the room with employers that have actual openings in technology. This is not meant to be an exercise in resume collection. That’s why we’re calling it a Hiring Fair.

Okay, So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Short answer – your investment/donation is $650 thru Oct 31, $800 thereafter.

Long answer – because this is a hiring fair organized through South Florida Technology Alliance., a 501(c) non-profit, your investment is a bona fide marketing expense and a tax-deductible contribution, which also helps promote the South Florida IT community.