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Join SFIMA and Best-selling author Brian Solis on Thursday August 11th at the Antique Car Museum, Fort Lauderdale.



Best-selling author Brian Solis believes that the future of brand lies in the experiences that people have and share. He also believes that marketers represent the future of what he calls “experience architecture.” The challenge is that marketers are caught in a catch 22 of trying to use new technology to be more creative and also help customers find the type of content and engagement that helps them make decisions and align with brands.  In this very special visit, Brian will share his story about why experience matters, what experience is, and how to rethink your approach to design experiences for a new generation of customers.

Tickets to this event are available online and are $39 in advance or $49 at the door. South Florida IMA members always receive free entry to the monthly events, click here to learn more about joining the South Florida IMA.