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ITPalooza: South Florida IT hiring and salaries keep rising, survey says

ITPalooza: South Florida IT hiring and salaries keep rising, survey says

There’s a growing demand for information technology professionals in South Florida, according to a survey by Miami Beach-based staffing firm SherlockTech.

Sixty-one percent of companies surveyed said they have immediate plans to hire additional IT staff in 2014. That’s up from 57 percent in 2013.

The survey identified the most demand for the following jobs:

• Enterprise-level mobile application developers ($105-$150,000)

• Cloud infrastructure engineers ($100-$105,000)

• IT security analysts ($80-$150,000)

SherlockTech said it surveyed more than 500 IT professionals and local companies, in conjunction with the upcoming ITPalooza event being held at NSU’s Graduate School of Information Sciences on Dec. 12.

On average, starting salaries increased 10-18 percent for the jobs in the most demand.

“There is a new paradigm emerging in the information technology arena,” said Alex Funkhouser, CEO of SherlockTech Staffing, in a news release. “It used to be the IT department in the driver’s seat; now, it is sales and marketing calling the shots as IT supports brand building and business development.”

The survey’s results also showed a change in attitude from local IT professionals. Sixty-nine percent said they were open to new opportunities as compared to 67 percent last year and 16 percent in 2011. Funkhouser has seen turnover rates increasing significantly compared to 20 percent during the height of the recession.