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‘This could destroy our business,’ the CEO of HR compliance giant Mineral said after his first demo of ChatGPT. A year later, here’s how the tech is helping the company re-envision its future.

A little more than a year ago, my CTO asked me to hop on an urgent Zoom. He had something he needed to show me, he said. It was OpenAI’s newly released ChatGPT. As the CEO of a company that delivers HR compliance content and guidance, I was alarmed. “This could destroy our business,” I told him.   

Before any company sets out to implement its AI strategy, its leadership must ask themselves three questions to assess their cultural readiness. 

Fast-forward one year, and we’re in a completely different place. Instead of distancing ourselves from artificial intelligence, we’ve embraced it. We ran experiments on ChatGPT to see how well it could handle compliance questions we receive from our customers. We created an internal task force dedicated to understanding and incorporating AI across our company. Then, we started to build our own custom GPTs to test whether we could combine the best of what we do with this emerging technology. 

Although we pivoted from a place of fear to one of enthusiasm, getting here wasn’t easy. Setting the strategy was relatively straightforward, but creating the cultural foundation was a more complicated undertaking. It took countless conversations, some mistakes, a lot of self-reflection, and careful planning to reenvision both our company and the HR experience of our customers in an AI-enabled world.   

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