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SherlockTalent at SFISSA

SherlockTalent at SFISSA

I’m please to announce that SherlockTalent will be sponsoring the forthcoming SFISAA Biennial Security Conference. Visit our both and meet the most successful talent recruitment and placement team in South Florida.

Please use promo code: ‘sherlock’ for FREE admission to the conference when purchasing the Non-Member ticket,

Have you heard?

Why is Nokia brand licensee HMD Global re-launching a phone that was first launched 17 years ago? Could it be that demand is not meeting supply?

The company continues to sell a broad range of simple phones in developing markets, but the Nokia 3310 will be sold worldwide as a “digital detox” phone.

There is a catch, though. While many of the phone’s internals have been updated, the 2017 version of the 3310 will use 900 MHz and 1800 MHz – the frequencies typically used for 2G communications before mobile data and 3G became popular.

These are the bands used in most parts of the world such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia but they have been switched off in other regions – North, Central and South America typically use 850 MHz and 1900 MHz – and are gradually being phased out in other countries, too.

This means the new Nokia 3310 won’t work in regions where the frequencies have been disabled and could face problems in the future if they are turned off in regions where the phone previously worked.

Top Job Pick: ZEND/LAMP Programmer/ Developer – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Top Job Pick: ZEND/LAMP Programmer/ Developer – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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ZEND/LAMP Programmer/ Developer

Our client is seeking a Web Application Developer position that is available with an advertising agency in South Florida.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a Web Application Developer to join a fun, creative, and challenging environment where every project will bring different challenges to solve.

The ideal candidate will have experience developing web-based applications for use by both enterprise customers and the general public. If you are a self-motivated, innovative problem solver who thinks smart you will like this position.


  • Design and implement rich Internet web applications and relational databases.
  • Participate in quality assurance testing.
  • Address performance and scalability challenges.

Minimum Required Experience:

  • BS in Computer Science degree (or similar degree)
  • 2+ years developing object-oriented and procedural web software with PHP 5.
  • Proven history of developing web-based applications preferably used by the general public with high traffic volume.
  • Web presentation technologies:XHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, CSS3 and cross-browser compatibility
  • Stacks:LAMP
  • Relational Database Design:MySQL 5
  • Web Services:SOAP and REST
  • OOP principles and MVC pattern.
  • Version control systems:Subversion and Git
  • Basic knowledge of Unix/Linux systems.

Additional Experience a Plus:

  • JavaScript/CSS Frameworks (AngularJS, Node.js, Bootstrap)
  • PHP frameworks (Zend Framework 1 and 2 are preferred)
  • WordPress
  • Mobile app development
  • Developing responsive websites
  • Software design patterns
  • Search technologies and UI innovations
Last Day! LeanAgileUS – Feb 27-28

Last Day! LeanAgileUS – Feb 27-28

LeanAgileUS conference in Fort Lauderdale on February 27

The next big Agile conference in South Florida is here! Lean Agile US will be in Signature Grand on February 27-28. The South Florida Agile Association presents the Agile Journey track. And as a friend of SFAA, we are happy to share with you a 20% discount off when you register:

www.LeanAgileUS.com – Discount code ULTISFAA

An unmatched who’s who of world-class speakers:

Visiting from Europe, we have globally renowned speakers:  Klaus Leopold is an author and respected consultant in Kanban.  Troy Magennis is a thought leader in agile metrics and the emerging trend of probabilistic forecasting. Karl Scotland advises major enterprises on learning organizations in the process of transforming to ‘lean agility’.

Then we have US based thought leaders that are world renowned:  Dan Vaccanti is an author and a thought leader in lean metrics and probabilistic forecasting.  More on metrics with the amazing Larry Maccherone, a data scientist and agile consultant who has helped many organizations understand a healthier view of agile measurement.   Yuval Yeret, a prolific agile blogger, and consultant on SAFe and agile.  Mark Kilby, an agile coach, and mentor that is advancing agile for distributed teams.  Peter Borsella, who is our local CST and brings us the upcoming trend on Scrum for Hardware.  And the list goes on.

You cannot get to see such a lineup, unless you travel to major global conferences.  This conference brings it all to you, right in our own backyard.  In sunny South Florida in February.  Register now at:  www.LeanAgileUS.com, discount code ULTISFAA


Awesome Workshops at WordCamp

Awesome Workshops at WordCamp

It’s getting to be a busy time for the South Florida WordPress community. WordCamp Miami is coming up fast (March 24-26)…

If you ever wanted to get a full-day workshop with some hands-on help there is a $15 workshop for that. If you wanted to learn more about the REST API and building mobile apps with WordPress… we have a developers workshop for that (still $15). There’s also a freelancers workshop (yep, $15). All on March 24th. Here’s the schedule with speakers and session info:


And want to learn more about JavaScript? WordCamp Miami has a weekend ticket and you can spend all day on March 26th in the Learn JavaScript Deeply track.

Tickets are going more quickly as we approach the end of Feb. You can’t beat $15 for a workshop or $40 for two days of education, fun, and networking:


WORDPRESS MEETUP IN DAVIE IN ON. RSVP. Because we’ll have a WordCamp Miami preview, another great talk, and Q&A… and prizes! Yep, we are holding a mini-contest… And we might just offer something nice for someone who is already holding a WordCamp Miami ticket.

RSVP For the meetup on 3/2 here:


See you soon!


GCUG sponsors Code Camp: Joe Homnick on Business Intelligence What’s new for 2017 – Mar 11

GCUG sponsors Code Camp: Joe Homnick on Business Intelligence What’s new for 2017 – Mar 11

Join Joe on a fun and informative session on the current state of Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) offerings. We will look at the array of tooling around BI in SQL Server 2016, Power BI and Cortana Intelligence. There have been major changes in reporting and cognitive data source capabilities the last few months. This session will get you caught up on your current BI possibilities with many dazzling demos.