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SFTA event highlights regions tech cred

SFTA event highlights regions tech cred

Companies and Interns agree; South Florida is a great place for tech talent.

Last week’s SFTA event “Cracking the Code on Talent in South Florida” threw into sharp focus the opportunities available for both employers and job seekers in our region.

The almost 200 strong capacity crown was treated a panel of local IT leaders and interns including Dan Cane of Modernizing Medicine.


Top Job Pick: SharePoint Cloud Developer, Fort Lauderdale

Top Job Pick: SharePoint Cloud Developer, Fort Lauderdale

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SharePoint Developer – must have expertise in developing Workflows in SharePoint Cloud

Job Functions:

  • Analyze requirements for SharePoint sites, dashboards and workflows.
  • Configure SharePoint sites, pages and lists. Train staff so they can become self-sufficient with regard to basic customization. Maintain security on the sites, pages and lists.
  • Develop, maintain and support custom sites, dashboards, web parts, web apps and workflows for Microsoft SharePoint environment.
  • Proactively follow new and emerging technologies. Keep knowledge of SharePoint and software development current.


  • Minimum 5 years of enterprise-level software development experience using Microsoft .NET technologies.
  • Minimum 5 years of enterprise-level work with Microsoft SharePoint including the creation of sites, dashboards, web parts, web apps and workflows.
  • Knowledge of software development best practices including version control and software quality assurance.
  • Knowledge of relational database design theory.
  • Able to develop with Visual Studio 2013 and the .NET Framework.
  • Highly knowledgeable of Microsoft technologies (C#.Net, ASP.Net, and IIS) and non-Microsoft technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery).
  • Knowledgeable of Structure Query Language (SQL) and SQL Server 2012.
  • Highly knowledgeable of object oriented programming principals.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, to technical & non-technical staff.

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Sad news, friend and colleague Mark ‘Boz’ Bosakowski passed away this weekend

Sad news, friend and colleague Mark ‘Boz’ Bosakowski passed away this weekend

It saddens me to share the news that Mark Bosakowski passed away last weekend. From the good ol’ OS/2 Boca days until days ago, Boz contributed C/C++ & Java excellence, with bountiful deadpan humor, to colleagues and friends all along the way. We’ll miss you my friend.

Condolences to wife Josephine, son Matt and sister Barbara.

Check his FB page for available details: https://www.facebook.com/mark.bosakowski

End Of Term Capstone Project Presentations – April 13

End Of Term Capstone Project Presentations – April 13

We are finishing the term and 12 of our Masters students completing the final course, Capstone in Information Security Management Project (http://cec.nova.edu/~levyy/ISEC695/) on April 13, will preform their end-of-the term project presentations, before graduating. The projects are vary from technical to managerial on cybersecurity risk management analysis with proposed solutions to small organizations in South Florida, where students conducted these projects voluntarily in assisting the companies improve their cybersecurity posture. Students were teamed in groups of two, and here are the six titles of the projects:
  • “Mitigating Identity Theft and Business Email Compromise in a Gym”
  • “Mitigating the Risk of Network Attacks via Public Non-Secured WiFi Network at a Local Beauty Salon”
  • “Mitigating PII Leakage at a Federal Gun Store and Pawn Shop”
  • “Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in a Small Garden Store’s E-commerce Operation”
  • “Mitigation of Data Breaches Through the Increased Overall Cybersecurity Posture of an Insurance Company”

Preview research here: http://infosec.nova.edu/current-student-research/masters-students/index.html

On Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 from 9am to 12noon, the students (teams of two) will be conducting their end-of the term capstone projects presentations. Most will present locally on-campus, while few will connect remotely online via online conferencing to the lab. We are going to meet on-campus in Davie, in our Mobile Computing Lab (MC Lab) – Room 4032, which is in the DeSantis Building (3301 College Avenue, Davie/Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314).
Coffee at 8:45am, and official presentations will start at 9am.
We are welcoming any companies and/or recruiter who wish to observe first-hand quality cybersecurity professionals for the event, you are more than welcome to share this note with applicable individuals, as some of these students are going to be on the market in the next few weeks for cyber jobs, some more technical, while others are more managerial. Many have significant prior experiences as they are in their masters degree.
Meditate don’t Procrastinate

Meditate don’t Procrastinate

Twenty-five years ago, you just didn’t let people know you were into meditation.

“They would have thought you were a hippie or a weirdo, and that wouldn’t be a great way to get employed,” said Michelle Goebel, an aspiring professional at the time.

So Goebel kept it to herself. Until she used it to start a business.

Today, Goebel works as a meditation coach for many South Florida executives who want to relieve stress and bring more clarity and creativity to their work. Goebel, 52, learned the practice after a serious car accident in 1991.

Alex Funkhouser, president of Sherlock Talent in Miami Beach, has been working with Goebel on deep meditation practice for nine months.

“I felt comfortable with her because of her community involvement and her knowledge of technology,” said Funkhouser, who meditates twice a day for 30 minutes. “We talk about how meditation is like a technology itself, a technology for the brain.”

By: Marcia Pounds, [email protected] or 561-243-6650
Copyright © 2016, Sun Sentinel

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