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ITPalooza, it’s this Thursday! Signup Today! – Dec 3

ITPalooza, it’s this Thursday! Signup Today! – Dec 3


It’s ITPalooza time.

The 4th annual ITPalooza is this Thursday, Dec 3 at NSU’s College of Engineering and Computing.

There’s such a lot going on at the 4th Annual ITPalooza this year that I thought I’d make a list of the highlights.

  • Hiring Fair
  • Unlimited networking Opportunities
  • 50 Speakers
  • 80+ Vendors & Tech Groups
  • Amazing Opportunities to Showcase Products and Services
  • VIP Tickets
  • 9 Tech Tracks
  • 42 Unique Tech Sessions
  • Cool T-Shirts
  • Pre-Con Dec 2
  • CIO Networking
  • VIP Tent
  • Vendor Exhibit
  • VIP Tent Passes
  • ITPalooza Hackathon powered by AT&T (over 100 attendees to date)
  • Presentation Ceremony
  • BIG Check’s
  • Awards

Still haven’t signed up? Seriously, what are you waiting for!



$140K Top Job Pick: Senior UI Developer

$140K Top Job Pick: Senior UI Developer

Apply to this Job.

We’re assembling the “A Team” of User Interface developers based in South Florida for this Google Ventures funded cutting edge software platform company. Extensive UI expertise required, including a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Salaries range from $110K to $140K for senior level developers, great benefits, 100% paid insurance for employee, 50% paid for spouse/family, unlimited vacation time, bonuses, 401K, stock, and more.

Technical skill set includes:
Angular/Ember/React or similar javascript application framework
Some awareness of ES6
Server side rest api, such as ASP.Net, Express JS, Ruby on Rails, etc
D3 JS or similar data visualization libraries
Web Components
Experience with an ORM framework, such as Entity Framework or ActiveRecord

Sherlock loves to share $500 referral bonuses!


ITPalooza: FREE Hackathon Powered by AT&T – Dec 4-5

ITPalooza: FREE Hackathon Powered by AT&T – Dec 4-5

Have an app idea or need an app built for your business?

This very special IoT & Mobile App Hackathon is an event produced by, the AT&T Developer Program and ITPalooza, that is designed for attendees (technical & non-technical) to build IoT solutions and/or mobile apps, get fed, compete for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects. Our hackathon will introduce you to the latest prototyping hardware, tools and development frameworks.

You Bring: Your laptop, skills & ideas. Come with a collaborative, team focused mindset and/or team up in advance on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ via the #atthack hashtag. Whether you are a backend person, designer, entrepreneur, student, or just interested in tech; you are invited to attend this event. Every group needs a good balance of talent and your development skills are needed!


We Supply: Quick presentations and code samples that help to bootstrap your hacking, food to keep you going, and caffeine to keep you awake. We will have technical senseis to assist you in building faster, smarter, and with new tools. And no IoT event would be complete without Loaner Hardware:


Event Schedule.  The following is a list of the weekend’s agenda:

  • Day 1
    • 6PM – Kickoff event with dinner, networking, and developer dating which leads into idea pitches and team formation.
    • 7PM – Speakers present (please see below for list)
    • 8PM – Pitch ideas and form teams
  • Day 2

    • 09AM – Breakfast & Coffee
    • 10AM – The fun continues with breakfast served in the morning! Work with the teams from Day 1 to complete the app spec’d. Senseis will be available throughout the entire day to help you code up your solution. App submissions will be accepted throughout the day with a deadline of 6PM.
    • 1PM – Lunch is Served
    • 6PM – Pencils down. Please sign up your teams to present via this link: http://bit.ly/atthackreg4 Pitches start promptly at 6PM and are limited to three (3) minutes per team. No powerpoints unless you are only presenting an idea.


Prizes. The following prizes are experiential and geared towards accelerating you towards a successful business as well as expanding your network and industry knowledge:

  • Best Hackathon Overall App
    • 1st Place – $1,000 in Gift Cards for the team
  • Best Use of AT&T M2X APIs
    • 1st Place – $500 in Gift Cards for the team
  • Best Use of Harman APIs
    • 1st Place – Harman Dev Kit for each team member (Max of 5)
  • Best App Built on Azure
    • 1st Place – $500 in Gift Cards for the team
  • Community Choice Award
    • 1st Place – $500 in Gift Cards for the team
Judging Criteria. Apps will be judged based on the criteria below and weighted accordingly.
  • 33% Weight – Ability to clearly articulate what your app does
  • 33% Weight – Originality of idea
  • 33% Weight – Technically creative and/or challenging implementation


Hackathon Legal. 

Social Media. 
  • Follow us @attdeveloper for live updates and photos from the event



Ben Nelson Joe Raio
Ben Nelson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AT&T, is based out of sunny Seattle! His passion is educating developers young and old about mobile application development best practices through events like hackathons that fuse the collective interests of multiple technology and business leaders. Joe Raio is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist based in Pompano Beach, Florida. As a technical evangelist, Joe primary focuses on presentations leveraging the Microsoft Stack focused on website development and cloud technology. Prior to becoming an evangelist for Microsoft, Joe successfully owned and operated three small businesses centered around website development and marketing. To learn more about Joe, visit his website at http://joeraio.com.


Calling all CIOs, CSOs, CTOs – ITPalooza CIO Insights – Dec 3

Calling all CIOs, CSOs, CTOs – ITPalooza CIO Insights – Dec 3

Apply for a Ticket.

If you are the CIO, CSO or CTO of your company, you should apply for a ticket today to attend the CIO Insights track at ITPalooza.

Start Time: 12/03/2015 11:30 AM, End Time: 12/03/2015 04:00 PM, Location: Room 3000

Session Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: CIOs and senior IT executives – Invitation only


11:30 am to 12:50 pm
CIO Council Luncheon with presentation Context in Mobile Applications by Dave Weilert

How Strategic CIOs Provide Transformation Leadership in the Digital Age by Phil Weinzimer
Be present to get a signed copy of his book

A Vision for Cyber Security Detection Analytics presented by Rob Aragao from HP

With Proper Leadership You Can Do SaaS Deals without Pain Presented by Mark Grossman
Be present to get a signed copy of his book

Executive Networking – room 3000

VIP Tent food & drink, networking and entertainment.


Hot session at ITPalooza w/ Michelle Goebel: Secrets of Leaders at Google, Salesforce & LinkedIn: Mindfulness, Meditation & Innovation – Dec 3

Hot session at ITPalooza w/ Michelle Goebel: Secrets of Leaders at Google, Salesforce & LinkedIn: Mindfulness, Meditation & Innovation – Dec 3

View the complete schedule.

Target Audience: Technology Leaders who want to accelerate performance and create breakthrough ideas. Executives, CIOs/CTOs, COOs, CMOs, Product Managers, Engineers, Software Developers, Programmers, Marketers and individuals who are in a high-tech role juggling demands of the fast-paced industry and want to excel in leadership roles.

Session Summary: What do Executives & Employees from Google, Salesforce, Linked-In, Apple and Twitter have in common? What are the Best Practices in the Technology Industry for Reducing Stress, Enhancing Innovation and Leadership?

Start Time: 12/03/2015 04:00 PM, End Time: 12/03/2015 04:50 PM, Location: Room 3033

Session Level: Intermediate

They’ve learned how to harness the power of deep meditation.

Discover how scientific, evidence-based tools of deep meditation and mindfulness can help to boost brainpower, increase productivity and enhance communications to accelerate your career.

Hear from Deepak Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor and discover how to empower yourself and your teams. Learn how successful Tech Leaders spur innovation, achieve performance gains, experience work-life balance, more energy and a sense of clarity amidst the fast-paced technology storm.

Deep meditation can help you to improve your memory and critical thinking skills that can enhance performance and leadership skills.

– Tech Industry Leader’s Insights & Best Practices
– Neuroscience of a Leader’s Brain
– Why & How Meditation Changes Your Brain’s Network
– How to Harness its Power to Enhance Your Personal & Professional Life
– A Short Group Meditation

Presenter: Michelle Goebel – Inspired Intent

About Michelle Goebel:
Michelle Goebel, Inspired Intent Founder is a 24-year Meditation and High Technology Veteran who is Chopra Center University Certified, in Meditation and Wellness. She has studied in California with Deepak Chopra, MD and Co-Founder David Simon, Neurologist MD. Since 1990, Michelle has practiced vari…  Read More