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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put all your management and staff in the same room and asked them to play Monopoly against each other? If you think it would be like putting Habanero chillies and Wasabi into a blender and garnishing it with dynamite – you’d be right!

Led by Clare Merlo of Merlo Coaching, the management and staff of SherlockTech were locked in the back room of a North Miami Beach restaurant to face off against each other in a few rounds of the thought provoking coaching game FreshBiz.

“As our team continues to grow we are always on the lookout for alternative ‘Team Building’ activities–we chose to book a Game-based workshop led by Clare.” said Alex Funkhouser, President SherlockTech.

“Clare suggested we focus on ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’ guided by the entertaining FreshBiz board game.”

The FreshBiz game is a great tool for developing and highlighting entrepreneurial thinking.

Clare Merlo focuses on leading game-base workshops and on coaching professionals who want to take more control of their careers.  If you would like to organize an gamification event with Clare for your Company or User Group you can reach her at [email protected] | 786-200-2996 | www.MERLOcoaching.com