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September 25, 2012 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Conf Call
Alex Funkhouser
305-651-6500 (office)

ITPalooza 2012 Organizing committee

Do you have questions about www.ITPalooza.com that aren’t found on the website?

Do you want to join a committee and get involved in the planning?

Every Tuesday at 4pm we have an www.ITPalooza.com conference call planning session.

Call (305-651-6500) or email (Alex@SherlockTech.com) Alex Funkhouser for the conference number access.

The website project is here: http://itpalooza.e2mktg.com

Organizing Leaders:

Executive Committee: Lenny Chesal, Alex Funkhouser, Jordan Lombard, Jodi Glacer, Angela Polania

Band Director: Lenny Chesal

Marketing Committee: James Parrish, Maurice Debuc, Alex de Carvalho, Steve Earle (website sub-com), Tony Di Perna (Social Media sub-com)

Tech Group Committee: Dave Noderer, John McLaughlin

Sponsorship Committee: Angela Polania, Jordan Lombard

University Committee: Diana Betancourt, Jodi Glacier

Employment Committee: Alex Funkhouser, Lenny Chesal, Jeff Fandl

Volunteer Director: Jordan Lombard