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July 25, 2012 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
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Patriek (@pvandorp) is a Senior Technology Specialist Microsoft at Sogeti Netherlands. Father of three beautiful kids, husband to his lovely wife. Ever since late 2008, when he attended LEAP, his interest for the Windows Azure platform and Cloud Computing in general kept growing. He attended several seminars on ‘Patterns for Cloud Computing’ and ‘Windows Azure’. Together with a colleague he founded the Dutch Windows Azure User Group and organizes a meeting every two months. During these meetings three guest speakers elaborate on certain Windows Azure related topics varying from technical focus to case studies. He has been a speaker on several conferences that revolved around the ‘Cloud’ theme. Patriek specializes in Identity & Access Control with Windows Azure Access Control Service and lately focuses on monitoring Windows Azure Roles with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and on the interoperability of Windows Azure and Java EE applications. Patriek is also a virtual member of Microsoft’s DPE and Incubation teams.

Running Java on Windows Azure (level 300/400)
When looking for a Cloud platform to host your Java applications there are a lot of providers to choose from. Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform is one of these platforms, which offers a rich set of services that can be used with any language or framework, thus also with Java. In this session I want to show the efforts made by Microsoft, in cooperation with third-party vendors, to make deploying Java Applications as easy as possible for Java- (non-.NET) developers. Additionally, I will briefly touch on the recently announced IaaS offering, which makes deploying Java applications onto Linux in Windows Azure possible.

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