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ChatGPT is being utilized by workers in professional settings everyday. Here’s why students should be prepared.

ChatGPT was officially introduced on November 22, 2022, by OpenAI. When It initially launched, it was described as a tool that could provide responses based on prompts. But since its introduction, ChatGPT has been updated and revised several times, and it now includes both free and premium account options

Recent studies indicate that over 91% of organizations want to hire candidates with ChatGPT experience. Anecdotally, in speaking with companies that partner with Rutgers, several have expressed an interest in hiring early-career talent with knowledge of and experience with ChatGPT. 

During this period there have been many discussions about the use of ChatGPT at colleges and universities. Although it has been more than 18 months since ChatGPT was introduced, there are often more questions than answers. 

Some professors and administrators have attempted to limit students’ use of ChatGPT. However, I actually recommend that my students at Rutgers’ School of Management & Labor Relations use ChatGPT. Here is an overview of how young people are already using ChatGPT—and why I believe we should encourage them to use it more. 

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