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Earlier this month, I interviewed Karin Kimbrough, LinkedIn’s chief economist, who gleans insights from more than 930 million members and 63 million companies on the platform—a treasure trove of hiring data and employment trends. In fact, our talk was so full of useful nuggets, I couldn’t reduce everything into a single, elegant theme. So instead, I’m giving you seven takeaways from a conversation Fast Company cohosted with Deloitte Cyber & Strategic Risk at the recent RSA Conference.

I asked Kimbrough what leaders can do to address the disparity in that last data set. She urges companies to review their interview processes for biases and to embrace mentorship and sponsorship models once women do get in the door. “It works,” she says. “I’m here to say, as a Black woman, I got mentored and sponsored by amazing men and women all through my career, and it helps.”

7 Takeaways:

  • Overall hiring is slowing down, and tech is especially hard hit. 
  • There are bright spots for labor.
  • Remote jobs are drying up, despite high demand. 
  • Workers are investing in themselves.
  • Skills-based hiring leads to more diverse workforces. 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt middle-tier jobs. 
  • Women are struggling.

Read the complete Fast Company Article BY STEPHANIE MEHTA:

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