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Finding happiness at work is complex, but flexibility, decent pay, and a good company culture are essential elements. Here’s how to find them.

I’ve worked at Fast Company for more than a decade. My colleague Lydia Dishman, one of the other authors of Work Smarter, has been here for more than 15 years. In a career landscape where many switch jobs every few years, clearly we’ve found something about our jobs that has made us stay.

If, like me, freelance isn’t for you, but—also like me—you value flexibility, a large part of being happy at work will be finding a job that doesn’t require you to be in the office eight to nine hours a day, five days a week. Writer Michael Grothaus collected the best flexible jobs in America right now that both let you work remotely (at least some of the time) and still pay well. 

For many of us, finding a “good job” can be a lifelong pursuit. At its most basic level, a good job should provide economic security, economic mobility, and equity, respect, and voice. But dig a little deeper and what those things mean for individuals can be different depending on your circumstances and personality.

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