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There are times when it’s both appropriate and advantageous to steer the conversation toward your strengths.

When it comes to job interviews, the hiring manager is in the driver’s seat. They ask the questions and make the decisions. But candidates aren’t simply passengers in the process. It’s possible and appropriate to take control in several situations.

“Taking control in a job interview can help you showcase your qualifications, make a strong impression, and steer the conversation in a direction that highlights your strengths,” says Paul Bramson, CEO of the Paul Bramson Companies, which offers sales and leadership training programs. “However, it’s essential to strike a balance between taking control and being respectful.”

“Ensure as a candidate you control your breathing to allow time for slow and thoughtful responses,” Knox suggests. “This may seem trivial, but it does allow you to control the pace and speed of the interview itself to ensure you represent your best self.”


The first step is to understand what you can control. While you can’t or shouldn’t try to control other people in the interview, you have free rein over yourself, says Dawid Wiacek, executive coach and founder of Career Fixer, a career coaching firm. For example, you can control how you show up, including your energy, as well as the examples, anecdotes, and metrics you emphasize and the questions you ask.

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