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If you’re a UX designer you won’t need this article to tell you about dark pattern design. But perhaps you chose to tap here out of a desire to reaffirm what you already know — to feel good about your professional expertise.

Perhaps an app you were using presented this article in a way that persuaded you to tap on it rather than on some other piece of digital content. And it’s those sorts of little imperceptible nudges — what to notice, where to tap/click that we’re talking about when we talk about dark pattern design.

The darkness comes into play because UX design choices are being selected to be intentionally deceptive. To nudge the user to give up more than they realize. Or to agree to things they probably wouldn’t if they genuinely understood the decisions they were being pushed to make.

Perhaps the best eample of this is the impossibly long EULAs that we ware presented with when our phones update or we subscribe to a nnew online service.

Reandthe complete article on TechCrinch – https://techcrunch.com/2018/07/01/wtf-is-dark-pattern-design/