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Avoid these six likability killers if you want to build successful relationships and get that next job offer.

Want a job offer? Strive for likability. Study after study shows that the intangible quality of “likability” is equally important, if not more important, than the credentials you bring to a potential role.

Likability is not an inherent quality. It can be developed. You as a job seeker can actually learn to be likable. And it’s not just about being “nice,” “charming” or “friendly.” Likability involves knowing that there are certain qualities to abandon.

Avoid the following six rarely discussed likability killers that will undermine your chances of nailing your next interview:


You want to successfully “sell” yourself if you’re a job candidate, but that doesn’t mean overdoing it and claiming to have every skill under the sun. “Some candidates send résumés with a long list of capabilities on top, and I think, you have to be a superhero to have them all,” says Miranda Kalinowski, head of global recruiting at Meta.

Be honest about what credentials you genuinely bring. Think about the one or two qualities that define you, and drive them home with great stories and specific examples.

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