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SherlockTalent is the embedded source for technical and marketing talent in Florida and beyond. We strive to bridge the gap between people and technology by bringing the right people together and creating productive, lasting relationships between our candidates and clients.


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We provide recruiting and consulting services to both companies and candidates in nearly every aspect of information technology and digital marketing. Modern business growth requires technology and marketing expertise, and our extensive network of experienced professionals delivers your success.

SherlockTalent includes an Interactive Marketing Division, industry experts recruit leading talent in their respective fields. Our industry knowledge provides precise matches of candidates for our client’s unique requirements.

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JobSalary RangeLocation
$65000Boca Raton
$65000Palm Beach County
$75000Palm Beach County
Depends on ExperienceFort Lauderdale
$85000Palm Beach County
$90000Boca Raton
Depends on ExperiencePlantation
$95000Boca Raton
Depends on ExperienceFt. Lauderdale
$105000Palm Beach County
Depends on ExperiencePalm Beach County
Depends on ExperienceBoca Raton
$125000Boca Raton
$65000Broward County
Depends on ExperienceBroward County
Depends on ExperienceMiami
$110000Fort Lauderdale
Depends on ExperienceBoca Raton
Depends on ExperienceDavie
$140000Broward County
Depends on ExperienceBroward County
Depends on ExperienceFt. Lauderdale
$150000Broward County
$110000Palm Beach Gardens
$60000Coconut Grove
$120000Boca Raton