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Unlock Your Tech Team's Potential with the TechTeam Upgrade Program

Empower your team with SherlockTalent’s innovative approach to enhancing communication and boosting productivity in the tech industry.

Upgrade Your Tech Team Today!

Welcome to EdgeWork’s revolutionary TechTeam Upgrade program, brought to you by SherlockTalent. For more than 25 years, SherlockTalent has served as the cornerstone of South Florida’s tech community. Led by Alex Funkhouser, his organization has nurtured the technology community’s growth from the grassroots level up.

In today’s fast-paced tech landscape, effective communication is the key to success. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Anthony Vincent Bova, a Master Craftsman facilitator in software developer interpersonal communications.

About Anthony Vincent Bova

Alex and Anthony’s collaboration began over twenty years ago, evolving and strengthening over time to create an unparalleled training program for South Florida’s technology community: The TechTeam Upgrade.

What is a TechTeam Upgrade?

TechTeam Upgrade is a customized program designed for a company’s TechTeam to strengthen their productive output—not through working harder, but smarter. Through effective, undistorted communication, software development projects move faster, interpersonal relationships thrive, and the TechTeam’s overall output gets a serious upgrade.

Here’s how TechTeam Upgrade program works:

  • Initial intake sessions with Alex Funkhouser and Anthony Vincent Bova to assess communication challenges within your TechTeam and the team’s interaction with the rest of the company.
  • Tailored communication programs for each team member and those who collaborate with the TechTeam.
  • Hybrid training sessions conducted both in-person at your site and online, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • The length of the training program is based on the client’s productivity goals and objectives.

Join us in transforming your tech team’s capabilities and driving success with a TechTeam Upgrade. For a free company communication assessment complete the contact form.

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