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Have you ever felt like you have been underappreciated, misunderstood, ignored, or just plain old overlooked?

Have you felt alone, isolated, and unheard? Have you ever been afraid of coming off as too emotional, even though you have been slighted or hurt?

Guess what – so did we. As a couple of women in technology, we feel blessed, excited, humbled, and fulfilled. We also feel trampled on, overlooked ignored, misunderstood at best, and wronged at worst – sometimes. We found solace, growth, and support in each other and our friend circle. And we also realized, that the more we speak to other women, the more there is a need for coming together as a group to discuss some of what we have gone through, some of what we have learned, and some of how we overcame it.

So, we created this Symposium – for Women in Technology – by Women in Technology.

To create a community.
To bring you the tools that work.
To create the awareness you need to succeed.
To help you learn from our journey.
To empower you to be self-rescuing.
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