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In July, CLA is all about women. And because not every woman has the opportunity to realize her dreams, we at CLA aim to offer courses for everyone. That’s one of the reasons we offer every course remotely.

We organized three online events with women who work in the tech industry. Each of them has their own story, each of them has their own path, and of course, each of them has their own professional experience and projects.

At each event, a speaker will share her experiences as a woman in tech, what drives her, what she has worked on, and what motivates her.

Our third guest is **Laura Gavrila, UX/UI Designer at 3Shape** in Copenhagen, Denmark, and here’s what she has to say about herself and her presentation on Thursday, July 21:

*„Hi, my name is Laura and I am a UX/UI designer in Denmark. I studied Arts & Design in Romania and worked as a graphic designer and artist for some years. Moving to Denmark, I discovered a hub of digitalization, and I fell in love with the idea of designing complex digital products.*
*I am looking forward to sharing my experience from graphic design to UX/UI Design and also sharing some examples of my work.”*

To get to know more about Maryia and her work just sign up for the event and be there on **Thursday, July 21th at 18:30 (CET).**

The following two events will take place on Thursday, July 28.

* Thursday, July 28: **Kornelija Ralyte**, Data Scientist at Ramboll, Copenhagen, Denmark: she will talk about how it’s never too late to change careers and her path from a psychology student to a Data Scientiest.

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