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Design is everywhere. It exists in both digital and physical spaces and is the foundation of our digital world. But not everyone working in the field started their journey there! Many of us didn’t start out as artists, creatives, or graphic designers but instead bankers, business associates, or healthcare professionals. Despite this, our paths, experiences, skill sets, and passions led us to the world of design.

During this 1-hour event, Associate UI/UX Program Director Patrick McClary will share his experience going from being a sports writer to high school teacher to UX designer and he’ll offer his top 5 tips for how you might kick-start your career change to a design position.

Are you thinking about launching a career in UI/UX Design? Stick around after the event ends to chat with an Admissions Advisor about the career opportunities and hands-on training our program offers!

This is a free, introductory-level event that is open to anyone interested in learning more about UI/UX Design. Register to secure your spot!


Do I need any previous knowledge or experience to apply?

The University of Miami UI/UX Design Professional Bootcamp does not require any previous graphic design knowledge or experience to enroll.

Do I need to be a student to apply to the UI/UX Design Bootcamp?

No. The University of Miami digital skills programs are open to people of any professional or educational background, regardless of enrollment status.

Will I learn to work with popular design software?

Absolutely! Learners will gain hands-on training with industry-leading tools and software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, Otter.ai, Miro, Figma and even coding tools like HTML and CSS.

What makes this program different from others?

Our UI/UX Design Professional Bootcamp is a professional, online, part-time program that is accessible for learners of all skill levels, no prerequisites required! We focus on in-depth training via live classes to prepare even the most novice learner for a career in UI/UX in less than one year. With our introductory course, you can try the course before making any financial or schedule commitments to the extended program to ensure this is the best career path for you.

If you would like to learn more about the University of Miami Digital Skills Bootcamps, visit us online at https://digitalskills.miami.edu/.

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