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Congratulations Russ Fustino – Xamarin’s New Developer Evangelist

Congratulations Russ Fustino – Xamarin’s New Developer Evangelist

SherlockTech would like to congratulate Russ Fustino on the new position as Developer Evangelist for Xamarin.

Here is an extract from Russ’ Blog.

Hello all! I am happy to announce I am the new Developer Evangelist for Xamarin! I am so excited about this next chapter in my career. I am looking forward to learning and teaching one of the hottest set of software products on this planet, which will help the lives of many fellow geeks! It is a very rewarding position indeed and I am on cloud 9. Everyone I have met at Xamarin is awesome and I look forward getting to know the entire team.

For those that unfamiliar on what Xamarin does… we produce software for programmers which facilitates creating the same mobile app, natively, on multiple platforms such as Windows Phone,  Android and iOS. It is a ‘must have’ tool in the industry with some incredible recent announcements on the new version Xamarin 3.

Read more at Russ’ Blog