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Business trends to watch this summer

Cryptocurrency, inflation, and supply chains will all be in the spotlight

Vaccine inequality

In just six months, the US has vaccinated over half its adult population, a remarkable feat considering how much we seemed to lag other countries in controlling the virus last year. But it’s important to remember that most vaccines have gone to wealthier nations, and just 12 countries have immunized over 20% of their population.

Supply chains

Not just because my mom texts me every day that her new dryer hasn’t been delivered, but supply chain bottlenecks will continue to be a hot topic through the summer. In the last two months, there have been gas, lumber, chip, ketchup, worker, and boba shortages, just to name a few that had accompanying Morning Brew pieces.


I’m with Matty. I think the big thing to watch is whether supply chains getting back to normal will cause the inflation scaries to subside. In April, consumer prices rose at their fastest pace in 13 years. Investors are concerned that higher prices could cause the Fed to wind down some of its stimulus measures or dent companies’ future profits.


Maybe I’m on Twitter too much, but cryptocurrency, and more specifically cryptocurrency regulation, is the top business topic I’ll be watching this summer. Blockchain-based currencies’ entire shtick is being the Wild West of finance—but now, there are a bunch of sheriffs coming to town.

Consumer trends

Masks off, lipstick on. Prepare for overcrowded Sephoras as Americans get ready to party like it’s 1921. But there are other consumer trends I’m excited to watch this summer. Is home fitness here to stay even as gyms reopen? Maybe.

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