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Marketers are aware of the critical importance of personalizing the customer journey in order to stay competitive, drive repeat purchases, and improve the customer experience. They’ve heard of machine learning and AI but don’t really know what it means or how to even start. Typically, marketers suffer the following symptoms when it comes to AI for marketing:

  • They’ve heard how Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all using machine learning and AI to improve their products and services to delight customers
  • They don’t know what the definition of machine learning and AI is but know it has something to do about robots and automation
  • They don’t have any data scientists or statisticians on their team to help them nor do they have the budget to afford them at the moment
  • They would like to start using AI to produce quick wins and ROI in the next 3 months but don’t know where to start

What You Will Learn

  • See how Life Extension leverages machine learning and AI to personalize its customer journeys
  • Learn how to launch an Amazon-style product recommender tailored for an individual customer
  • Leverage the AI model in an email marketing campaign and learn the correct way to A/B test it
  • View the AI model launch timeline

Do this with less than $10,000 budget, no full-time data scientists, and only Point-Of-Sale or invoice data
Realize huge gains in conversion rate, average order value, and repurchase rate just from this simple personalization

About the speaker

Douglas Pestana is Manager of Data Science and Analytics at Life Extension where he applies data science, machine learning, and AI to build CA$H-producing product recommenders, predictive models for marketing campaigns, and segmentation models for 360 customer personalization. His focus is on monetizing data science products, not just producing sexy visualizations and juicy insights. He holds a BA in Mathematics.

Founded in 1980, Life Extension is an eCommerce retailer of premium, non-GMO vitamins, and supplements. Life Extension develops its own science-based and proprietary supplements, with a focus on partnering with its customers for a healthier lifestyle. It also offers free personalized health services through its Wellness Specialists and has donated over $175M to anti-aging research. They have a 98% customer satisfaction level, and all of its products are made in the USA. It’s headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

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