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You’ll be surprised how well your team delivers when you hand over the reins once in a while.

Remote work and hybrid work are surely here to stay, and they offer plenty of perks. But when your team is rarely together, it can be a challenge to create engagement and inspire motivation.

Engagement is critical for business because it drives effort, performance, and retention. But engagement is also important for people. Mental health challenges have risen along with more remote work, and people report they are feeling more social isolation, depression, and anxiety in the last couple of years. We crave human connection and feeling engaged with our work and our colleagues is a fundamental way we meet this need.

Check in with people regularly, ask questions about how they are doing and offer support. Respond efficiently to emails, IMs or phone calls and hold regular one-on-one meetings—virtual or face-to-face—so people know they can count on times when they can provide you with updates and obtain guidance.

As a leader, you can ensure distance doesn’t become detrimental, even when your team is remote, by staying accessible, empowering your team, giving feedback, keeping the focus on the future, and creating shared experiences.

Read the complete FastCompany Article BY TRACY BROWER: https://www.fastcompany.com/90688388/remote-team-bonding-is-here-to-stay-here-are-5-ways-to-keep-your-team-engaged-from-a-distance

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