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We look at how one founder/CEO felt pulled by work and her daughter’s soccer games. Here’s the formula that works for her.

The number of Americans working on weekends is on the rise. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 31% of people who have one job and 51% of those who have multiple jobs work on an average weekend or holiday. The proliferation of working from home leads more people to spread their work across the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Getting some work done on the weekend is not inherently bad. It can work well for some people. Still, research shows that when people treat weekends like a vacation, they tend to enjoy the weekends more and resume work feeling happier on Monday. 

There can be a happy medium that gives you the benefits of both. I found one.

Like so many other people, I was trying to do everything, firing on all cylinders at all times. As CEO of a startup I founded, I felt a responsibility to take every opportunity to build and grow the business. As a wife and mom, I wanted to be at all my daughter’s soccer games and maintain a thriving relationship with my husband. 

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