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Join us for the thirteenth Google Open Source Live event in our series; β€œOpen Source Productivity Day on Google Open Source Live”!

Google Productivity experts will share updates on everything from Enterprise productivity on an Open Source budget to Kubernetes testing with KIND and Kubetest2.

Throughout the event, our speakers will answer your questions via the Live Q&A Forum. We’ll wrap up the event with an After Party on Google Meet for an opportunity to connect with the speakers and other attendees.

Open Source Productivity Day on Google Open Source Live

Thursday, October 7th at 9:00 am – 11:00 am PST

9:00 am
Faizal Kassamali, Software Engineering Manager (Google)
Aish Sundar, Software Engineering Manager (Google)

9:03 am
Session 1: Enterprise Productivity on an Open Source Budget: Prow CI + TestGrid Visualization
Prow adds CI/CD to Kubernetes clusters and also provides declarative, fine-grained management of git repositories. Testgrid quickly visualizes historical trends across tens of thousands of tests. Learn how your projects can benefit from and/or contribute to these tools just like Google.
Erick Fejta, Software Engineer (Google)

9:25 am
Session 2: Kubernetes Testing with KIND and Kubetest2
This talk will introduce developers to tools from the Kubernetes Project that enable reproducible Kubernetes testing. KIND for fast, local, hermetic clusters; and kubetest2 for testing across Kubernetes providers.
Benjamin Elder, Software Engineer (Google)
Amit Watve, Software Engineer (Google)

9:47 am
Session 3: Release early, release often [don’t make it your full-time job]
How conventional commit messages and software tooling have sped up GitHub releases at Google.
Benjamin Coe, Developer Relations Engineer (Google)

10:09 am
Session 4: What does velocity mean in OSS?
This talk will provide an overview of the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team, discuss four key metrics that can indicate the performance of software development teams, and how these concepts can be applied to open-source projects and communities.
Dina Portman, Developer Relations Engineer (Google)
Sophia Vargas, Program Manager (Google)

10:30 am After Party on Google Meet

11:00 am End

[How to Register]
Register to attend here: https://goo.gle/Productivity_Day

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you RSVP on Meetup, you’ll still need to register fromΒ https://goo.gle/Productivity_DayΒ to gain access to the event. Simply signing up on Meetup doesn’t allow you to join the event. If you prefer not to register from our official event website, you can watch session recordings on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/GoogleOpenSource) one month after the event.

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