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Microsoft’s one-time dominance of the browser market (remember IE?) has gone from ubiquitous to something approaching obscurity. Google’s Chrome browser, on the other hand, has risen like a spring tide, filling screens across the globe with speedy website delivery and a massive plug-in library.

Microsoft is building and is close to releasing a version on its Edge browser, based on Chrome. As if that’s not enough, Microsoft will be releasing a version of Edge for MacOS!


Microsoft’s upcoming Chromium-powered Edge browser has leaked online. Download links for the browser have been posted to file sharing sites and popular beta sharing forums. The leaked version appears to be an early copy of what Microsoft is expected to release in public preview soon.

Microsoft’s new version of Edge is built on Chromium, and early builds include Chrome extension support, syncing of favorites, and some custom tweaks to the user interface. The Verge got an exclusive early look at the browser recently, and it performs well on Windows 10. Some features are missing from what you might expect from Edge, though.

Read the complete article by Tom Warren: https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/24/18279566/microsoft-edge-chromium-browser-download-leak