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Rather than playing the numbers game when applying to positions, you need to adjust your strategy.

Few people look forward to a job search. A 2021 study of 715 U.S. adults by Pew Research Center found that half of unemployed, furloughed, or laid-off Americans were pessimistic about future employment. One-third said they felt more stressed than usual, and 56% said they experienced more emotional or mental health issues while unemployed.

The job search has only taken on added stress, with record inflation driving more and more Americans to seek higher-paying jobs, plus recent news of hiring freezes and layoffs affecting multiple sectors.

As a career coach who has worked with clients who have gone on to work at companies like Amazon, Blue Origin, and IBM, I have seen these trends play out in real time over these past few months.

If there is one thing I hope to leave you with, it’s this: A directionless job search where you simply play the numbers game sets you up for rejection and self-sabotage. My job search checkpoint methodology has helped countless clients of mine get hired at top companies without applying to hundreds of jobs. Here’s how it works.

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