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The U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) is moving at lightning speed to harness the advantages of migrating its networks to the cloud, enabling faster data consolidation, broader access to time-sensitive information and operationally significant network integration.

Working closely with Amazon Web Services, IC entities have been pursuing a multi-faceted, multi-year initiative to move its networks to the cloud, an effort which appears to have already massively transformed operations into a new, improved era.

Through its $600 million deal with Amazon going back to 2013, IC leaders are citing successes when it comes to a range of cloud-enabled developments, to include a much-increased ability to analyze legacy systems, integrate new ones and rework information networks, senior intelligence leaders describe. Amazon Web Services is credited with building the CIA’s C2S cloud to gather, access and organize data.

A report from Bloomberg quotes the CIA’s Director of Digital Innovation Sean Roche speaking at an Amazon Conference, saying cloud migration has been “nothing short of transformational,” adding that it has “transformed our ability to build new capabilities.”

In a manner consistent with Roche’s comment, an often-discussed phenomenon seems to inform the push for faster commercial cloud migration — namely that multi-year government developmental programs can run the risk, in some instances, of generating technical systems which might be obsolete by the time they are completed. Commercial innovation, therefore, using an open architecture framework, is intended to allow faster, wide-sweeping upgrades more consistent with the most current and impactful innovations.

Read the complete article by By Kris Osborn: https://www.foxnews.com/tech/intelligence-community-migrates-to-cloud-technology-at-lightning-speed