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Spoiler alert: All three generations agree on the biggest workplace stressor, but not on the best place to get stuff done.

The modern workplace is undergoing a profound transformation, shaped in no small part by the diverse mix of generations in the workforce. With each generation bringing a unique perspective as well as different values and work habits to the workplace, it’s imperative to explore and embrace these distinctions. By acknowledging the strengths and challenges of each generation, we can work toward succeeding together.

Gen Z feels the most optimistic, with 73% stating they have a more positive outlook this year than last. However, millennials (43%) and Gen Xers (31%) aren’t feeling as optimistic about the future.

To better understand the different attitudes and experiences of the generations in the workforce, FlexJobs surveyed more than 7,000 Gen Z, millennial, and Gen X professionals. The survey ran from August 2, 2023, to August 17, 2023. Read the results in FlexJobs’s Generations at Work Report below.


Across the generations, the outlook on the job market and career prospects varies greatly. Gen Z is more optimistic about the job market, the ability to find remote work, and their overall career prospects. Millennials and Gen Xers, on the other hand, are less optimistic about all three. However, of all the generations, Gen Z is the least likely to make a career move in the next year.

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