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Let’s talk about BIM (Building Information Management) emulation, city device emulation and other IoT virtualization topics using Enzo Unified and Enzo Online to push data into the Azure IoT platform for data analysis and modeling. Some of the concepts discussed in this talk were presented by a PhD student (Steven Arthur) from Cardiff, UK, at the 25th Intelligent Worship on Intelligent Computing in Engineering in Switzerland, 2018.

About Herve Roggero

Strategist. Catalyst. Storyteller. Herve Roggero is recognized for his thought leadership and passion for providing access to data in the tech space. Herve’s knack for distilling complex real-time data consumption challenges and presenting digestible solutions make him the ideal speaker, teacher, and teammate.

From Principal Consultant at PWC, where he pioneered the first-ever fully automated and still-implemented Hoteling system, to Managing Partner of Blue Syntax Consulting, and Founder of Enzo Unified and Enzo Online, Herve has curated a global network and countless success stories 20 years in the making. Known among both colleagues and clients for his dynamic mindset and forward-thinking nature, Herve has secured his status as a thought leader and patent holder.

His leadership skills and passion for Microsoft Azure are a testament to his commitment to ultimately increasing operational efficiency – so much so that Herve has reached Microsoft Azure MVP status, an honor given to only a few standout candidates who impact every day in the overall Microsoft technology community.

Herve is the Co-Author of PRO SQL Azure, PRO Windows Azure SQL Database and PRO SQL Server 2012 Practices (from APress), a PluralSight author, and runs the Azure Florida Association.