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About Laura Ribeiro

Laura is the CEO and Co-Founder at The QuBE. She works on information security, bringing truly secure communication, scalable architecture and efficient solving of complex tasks on decentralized quantum networks protocols. She combines broad commercial acumen with a background in economics, quantum market research and investment management for over 15 years. She delivers powerful messages covering topics on innovation and leadership. She is a leader in investment ventures, specializing in identifying the commercial potential of emerging products, developing strategies to bring them to market through the strategic development of applications.

She has served in leadership roles at Australia’s largest corporates including small to medium-sized firms, leading research, development and investment initiatives. She writes for Henry Stewart Publications in the UK, with topics on Investment Management: Competing in a Data-Driven world and High Profile Data Breaches: Designing the right data architecture based on the law, ethics, and trust. As businesses continue to respond to digital disruption, the ability to spearhead innovation has become the key to her success.


Laura Ribeiro of The QuBE Confirmed for ITPalooza

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