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Many workers are feeling underappreciated when it comes to the checkbooks.

According to a new poll of nearly 2,000 adults by the market research company OnePoll, the average employee hasn’t received a raise in three years. That information would be problematic enough, even if the cost of living wasn’t absolutely soaring—but thanks to inflation and the economy, Americans are feeling the strain.

You can’t poll Americans about pay and not address the pay gap: Today, 73% believe it’s still “very real.” But more men (58%) believe their pay has to do with their gender than women (54%).

Many are surely overdue for a pay bump, so it’s not surprising that according to the report, 46% out of 1,859 employees said they feel “somewhat recognized” at work, while 8% said they don’t feel recognized at all.

That’s not their only woe. The data also showed that many members of Gen X and the baby boomer generation are worried about job security (45% and 49% respectively) and wage gaps (44% and 46% respectively). Meanwhile, 53% of millennials are worried about cuts to their salary, while Gen Z’s top concern, at 69%, is national worker strikes.

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