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Executive Director, Technology Alliance

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Job ID: 3324

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES of the Executive Director of the Technology Alliance:

1. Direct Technology Conferences and Activities

  • Supervise planning and marketing
  • Oversee/participate in on-site management

2. Serve as liaison to selected committees: advise chair, attend meeting, prepare reports

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Director Evaluation
  • Nominating (Officer)
  • Legislative (State & Federal)
  • Other groups as necessary

3. Assist with complaints process as needed

4. Oversee customer service activities of staff 

5. Complete oversight of association Branding

  • Direct consultants on projects
  • Research & Data Activities
  • Other activities as necessary

6. Oversee all financial activities

  • Prepare and monitor annual budget w/Director of Finance
  • Review accounting reports and monthly financials
  • Manage long/short-term investments w/Director of Finance d. Assist auditor as needed
  • Assist Treasurer as needed
  • Assist Director of Finance & Administration/HR as needed

7. Assist/Oversee the Alliances's Legislative Activities and serve as key HQ contact for Alliance

8. Manage human resource activities

  • Oversee employee evaluation program w/Dir. of HR
  • Establish and maintain compensation & benefits program w/Dir. of HR
  • Enforce employee policy manual
  • Supervision of Directors (Assistant E.D., Finance & Admin/HR, Marketing, Chapter Relations and Communications), and other staff as needed.
  • Staff training issues f. Employment activities (descriptions, interviews, hiring)

9. Assist leadership in carrying out the Alliance's mission

  • Oversee strategic plan facilitation & implementation
  • Assist President & President-Elect as requested
  • Leadership training programs/opportunities
  • Committee/board structuring and operations
  • Monitor and enforce the Alliance's policies and procedures
  • Prepare management reports for the Board
  • Assist legal counsel as necessary

10. Membership Programs

  • Review/input Membership Newsletter
  • Review/input Annual Report
  • Review/input all other communication items as necessary
  • Input/oversight of Society marketing activities

11. Membership Issues a. Assist with Recruitment & Retention Programs

12. Manage long-term administrative/office management needs

  • Headquarter Building issues (w/Dir. of Fulfillment & Ops.)
  • Complete monthly timesheets
  • Attend staff & director meetings, manage agenda

13. Maintain association management skills

14. Assist in Alliance's Public Relations Program

  • Serve as Society spokesperson (media interviews)
  • Work with PR Firm and Committee

15. Chapter Development & Relations a. Assist where necessary

16. Work on other management activities as needed

17. Federal & State Lobbying Activities

18. Manage PAC 


• Previous management experience with fiscal accountability required
• Demonstrates effective negotiation and collaboration skills
• Maintains professional and positive demeanor
• Works within the standards of ethical business practice
• Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills
• Shows evidence of support of the policies and mission