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The SheLeadsTech Conference will for the second time feature key women players, leaders, and achievers in information technology and security fields to come and share their experiences on how to navigate the rough and rugged road that leads to the top.

Be a part of this enriching conference!

The SheLeadsTech programs is an ISACA International initiative that seeks to address the significant under-representation of women in business technology leadership roles and the tech workforce. The program aims to engage women in technology and our allies to support and advocate for change, empower women as leaders, role models and mentors in their fields, and elevate the role of women in technology.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dina Kampouraki, Security Officer for IT Policy Unit European Data Protection Supervisor

Dina was born in the island of Crete in Greece. She graduated from Athens University in Economics and Business of Greece in 1996 with a diploma in Computer Science and in 1998 completed her Master’s degree in Information Systems with specialization in security. In 1998 she joined a mobile telecommunications company, PanaVox SA and worked on automated system processing and workflow analysis until she joined in 1999 the Hellenic Data Protection Authority as a Data Protection Auditor. Specialized in several areas in data protection, she participated in many national inspections in public and private sector. In 2000, she became an active member of the Joint Supervisory Body (JSB) and Appeals Committee of Europol, of the Joint Supervisory Authority of Schengen and of Joint Supervisory Authority of Customs Information System. Since 1999 she participated in many international inspections in the European Union. From 2006 to 2008 she worked for the Secretariat of Data Protection at the Council of the European Union as a data protection and IT security expert. Since April 2017, she works for the European Data Protection Supervisor
(EDPS) as a technology and Security Officer in the IT Policy Unit which aims at providing technology expertise for the EDPS supervisory and advisory functions.