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For some, that might mean taking up work for social justice or a nonprofit. Others might consider joining the green jobs movement to combat the climate crisis.

We’ve all been there. The point in the workday where nothing is going right, or getting done, or a combination of both, and the feeling is just: “Why am I doing this again?”

“It was time for me to take bigger risks with my career versus continuing to work at a company that was already quite successful and offered stability and a clearly paved path. While stability was something that was important to me early on, I realized that my new priority was to build a successful company versus working at one that’s already there,” she wrote in Fast Company.

At this point, with the pace of job growth steady but tapering off and unemployment low, it helps to pause and consider if you could just pivot into a new career.

When Neima Shahidy was working for Amazon, she eventually started feeling drained. A red flag to pay attention to. Shahidy explained that when she took the time to reflect, she realized her goals had changed. 

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