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Leaders are still trying to crack the code for keeping employees engaged. In a new normal where employees are working from home, how do you manage to make them feel culturally connected to the organization?

A new study from Gartner offers some answers. The research firm surveyed over 3,500 knowledge workers whose jobs could mostly be done remotely. Over 75% said that culture is very or extremely important to be effective at their jobs. Still, only 25% felt connected to their organization’s culture—which was defined as identifying, caring, and belonging with the culture.

However, while yanking everyone back to the office may seem like the solution, the study also found that employees with more flexibility were more connected to their organization’s culture: 53% of employees who had the flexibility of location, schedule, and work in terms of what they did and who they worked with felt connected to their organization’s culture, compared with 40% of employees who only had the flexibility of location and schedule and 18% who lacked flexibility altogether. Over half of employees said they do their best work at home, and alone.

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