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Join Gretchen Hellman, Head Coach at Outside the Box Careers, takes you through a job search method that is proven to create good outcomes with clarity and confidence. She’s applied innovation, growth-hacking, and design-thinking principles to job search, allowing hundreds of seekers to shift the effort from being an evaluation of their worth to positive results driven by taking clear steps. Learn about a method that ends fears of “a race to nowhere”, creates better career outcomes, and speeds the process.

Topics to be covered include:

– How to shift stress and uncertainty into positive action
– Clear steps you can take to move your job search forward with confidence
– Proven tools for key steps in the process
– Tips for troubleshooting and optimizing along the way
– Tickets are limited and this event will fill up, so buy yours soon.


Gretchen Hellman is a Career Coach on a mission to provide tools, methods and services that help professionals achieve “feel it-in-their-gut” success while leaving worries about their worth behind. In her practice, she’s worked with hundreds of professionals at every stage – from high school students to senior executives at F500 companies – in unlocking the secrets to know what they want, how to get it, and how to make the most of it while they have it.

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