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Whether you end up landing the job or not, you should approach your next interview as a chance to grow your network.

From industry events to parties with friends, there are plenty of opportunities to build your personal network, especially as the world starts to open back up after the lengthy pandemic shutdown. But what about job interviews? You’re meeting someone new, but could it also be an opportunity to grow your network?

“Every interaction you have with someone new is an opportunity to network,” says Amanda Augustine, career expert for TopResume, and Fast Company contributor. “Whether you’re taking a pottery class, attending a PTA event at your kid’s school, waiting in line at the local coffee shop, and even while you’re on a job interview, you can use these occasions to grow your personal network.”

In fact, the interview process can become an essential way to network in your field, says Keith Sims, president of Integrity Resource Management, a Sanford Rose affiliate executive search firm. “Interviewing is a great way to have one-on-one time with senior-level players in your industry and to get introduced to new contacts,” he says.

Your goal going into an interview can be twofold: determine if the job opportunity is the right fit for you and make a connection with a professional in your field.

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