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Highlighting what you can do (instead of just what you have done) can go a long way, says this résumé expert.

If you’re using the traditional résumé format, you’re putting the emphasis on the roles you’ve held, with a chronological list of your jobs and the results you delivered. While experience is an important consideration, today’s hiring managers need candidates who possess certain skills. By emphasizing what you “can do” instead of what you “have done,” you can help your résumé to stand out from the others, says Bailey Showalter, vice president of talent solutions at Credly, a platform that verifies credentials.

Research shows that there’s not necessarily a correlation between a role that you’ve held in the past and your future performance in a different role, aside from the skills that you have,” says Showalter. “For hiring managers, the more important question is, Can you do the functions associated with the job you’re looking to move into?”


On a traditional résumé, most job seekers include a bulleted list of their skills at the bottom. Usually, the section is a short and sweet compilation of the technology they’ve used. For example, it may say “Proficient in Microsoft Office,” or “Experienced in customer relationship management tools.” To shift the focus from “have done” to “can do,” Showalter recommends bringing this box to the top of your résumé.

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