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When MIT and Miami-Dade launched the Global Co-Creation Lab (GCL) late last year, neither expected that one of the health technology concentrator’s concerns in its first year would be a worldwide pandemic.

But rather than just doubling down on prior efforts, the nonprofit has broadened its focus and collaborations with local stakeholders like the Beacon Council and Jackson Health System to help the county – and the world – deal with the virus.

“Thank God we have the Global Co-Creation Lab and our relationship with MIT because the people that are working on this are phenomenal,” said Leland Salomon, deputy director of the county’s Regulatory and Economic Resources Department. “They’ve developed a tremendous amount of stuff.”

One COVID-19-specific solution, Thelial, now in development with the University of Miami’s Division of Infectious Diseases, has a conceptually simple application: using cells from nasal-swab tests and other similar cell analyses to determine how severe the virus’ symptoms will be for a person who has yet to contract it.

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