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April 9, 2024 @ 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM America/New York Timezone
Online event
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The Role of UX Design in Ethical AI Products @ Online event

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🚀 Ready to explore the intersection of AI and UX design?
Join our webinar “ The Role of UX Design in Ethical AI Products” to delve into the ethical dimensions of designing user experiences for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether you’re a seasoned UX designer, a tech enthusiast, or simply interested in the ethical implications of AI, this workshop is for you.

💡 During this session led by Design Researcher, Viola Miebach, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the ethical considerations embedded in creating user experiences for AI-powered products. Through practical examples and interactive exercises, you will learn why integrating ethical principles into the UX design process is crucial for responsible AI development. Discover the pivotal role UX designers play in promoting fairness, transparency, and user well-being in AI technologies.

📌 Why attend: 📌

  • Gain industry-specific knowledge: acquire insights into addressing ethical challenges in AI design and fostering discussions on crucial topics such as fairness, transparency, and user welfare.
  • Enhance your UX design skills: learn how to navigate the ethical dimensions of designing for AI, ensuring your projects align with responsible development practices.
  • Collaborative learning: participate in engaging exercises and discussions that will broaden your perspective on the importance of ethics in UX design for AI technologies.
  • Stay informed: get ahead of the curve by understanding the significance of integrating ethics into AI UX design and how it shapes the future of technology.

📣 Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge of AI ethics in UX design. Register now for “The Role of UX Design in Ethical AI Products” and embark on a journey towards responsible and ethical AI innovation!

📆 Date: April 9th.
🕑 Time: 18:00h (CET).
💻 Location: Online
💥 Can’t wait to see you there!

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